You Could Be Encouraging Possible Intruders If You Do These 4 Things Before Going On Vacation

A vacation should be fun, but it's less so when you've got a nagging feeling that your house isn't safe. That feeling could be amplified if you're doing the following things that could encourage possible intruders.

Not Having an Alarm System

Arguably the best thing you can do to ease your concern about possible break-ins is to stop putting off an alarm system installation. A quick consultation will help you get a better idea of what kind of system is best suited to your budget and needs. You might be able to only alarm the doors and windows, or you may get a fully-functioning system that allows for remote viewing and recording. Remote viewing might be particularly helpful to you, as you can check in with your home each day no matter where in the world you are. Being able to see for yourself that all is well can help you to relax.

Ignoring Neighbors

Even if you don't have a pet that will need food or plants that need to be watered, it's still smart to notify at least one person in the area that your family is going on vacation. That will help them notice anyone near the door who shouldn't be there or other suspicious activity. Your neighbor can also get mail out of your mailbox so anyone casing the neighborhood doesn't see a pileup and realize that no one is inside.

Leaving One Light Burning

A common trick that people use to deter any intruders is to put on the living room light or a bedroom light. The theory is that intruders will see the light and think someone is inside the house. However, because you won't be there to shut the light off, any intruder watching your house is likely to notice that one light is burning because you're not even there at all. If you want to leave a few lights on, hook them up to mini-timers that will turn them on and off at random hours.

Ignoring GPS Settings

If you're flying away to a distant destination, you may choose to leave your personal car in one of the airport's parking lots. With all the other things you have to take care of, knowing that your car will be ready when you return home can be a load off your mind.

However, if you do this, you're probably going to make a big mistake: not erasing your GPS information. It sounds strange, but those who want to get into the houses of others can target cars in lots for multiple days. Once they break into the car, your "home" setting is easy to find, and that will let them know right where your empty house is located. Just be sure to erase any identifying information in the GPS system. If you have any other mail, papers or items with your home address on them, be sure that you remove those things from your car before you leave.

Going on vacation can be more relaxing when you're sure your belongings are safe. Using the information here can help you better protect your things and house. To learn more about home security, contact companies like Tele-Plus.

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